Google Ads

PPC Management

Place attention-grabbing adverts in front of your potential customers who are searching for products and services that you offer.


Google Ads

Place your adverts in front of people looking for your products and services

Google PPC puts your business in front of customers who are searching for products and services like yours and enables you to only pay for results such as clicks through to your website. You set the budget, we manage your account to maximise return on investment.

Get results

We manage, monitor and optimise your campaigns to ensure the best return on investment. We perform analytical analysis and track user behaviour to maximise results.

PPC Budget

You control the budget and how much is spent each month on your advertising. We provide recommendations and advice throughout your campaigns.

Types of PPC Campaigns

Search Campaigns

We produce creative text adverts that are displayed in Google when a customer types in a related keyword.

Display Ads

We produce creative banners to advertise your business. Customers will click on these adverts and be taken to your website.

Google Shopping

Your ecommerce products will be synced with Google Shopping. This enables customers to quickly find your products.


Google remarketing is a way we can customise our adverts to reach people who have previously visited your website.

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