Google AdWords (PPC) Pay-Per-Click Online Advertising

We are proud to be Google AdWords Certified professionals.

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As part of our Google AdWords services, we will set up, regularly review and optimise your campaign to help maximise return on investment and goal conversion. We provide analytical update reports on a monthly basis to keep you informed throughout the campaigns.

Google AdWords is a highly effective method of marketing that enables your advert to show up at the point when customers are searching within Google for the services, products or information that you provide. Your advert will display to people who are interested in its content. You can reach your customers by targeting keywords people may use to find your products or services and criteria such as age, location, specific times and devices, interests, search criteria and historical interests.

Google AdWords enables you to easily manage your marketing budget as you pay for the advert when a customer clicks on it to seek further information or to call you. You are able to limit the amount you spend on the advert by setting a pre-determined limit on spend. Once the advert has reached the maximum budget by obtaining a number of clicks from customers, the advert will cease to display. You are then able to increase the budget and re-run the advert if you so wish.

Google AdWords provides a means for measuring success as you will be able to identify which adverts are popular with customers and which do not get clicked on. You can then use this information to further invest in the best areas of your campaign. AdWords also enables you to obtain data on the varying prices of different adverts as some key words/phrases cost more per click than others.

If you would like any further information on Google AdWords or have any queries, give our team a call on 01642 424230 and we will be happy to explain further.

Our services include:

Search advertising – Every time people search online for something they are looking for, this becomes an opportunity for your advert to convert that search into a sale. We can create attention-grabbing and informative adverts to attract customers.

Display advertising – The Google Display Network presents an array of advert formats for you to use to link with customers at a time when they are not specifically searching for those key terms, e.g. your advert can show up when they are browsing on YouTube or checking their Gmail account.

Shopping advertising/Google shopping – Enables customers to quickly find your products/services on Google.

Video advertising – You can create unique video adverts on YouTube to reach your customers, target a specific audience and track the success of your advert.

Mobile advertising – 80% of people always carry a mobile device outside of home which demonstrates the importance of targeting campaigns specifically aimed at mobile devices. A recent update in Google has caused mobile adverts to become larger than non-mobile adverts resulting in a 20% rise in the click through rate.

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