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Social Media

Promotions and campaigns on social media platforms strengthen brand awareness amongst customers and help businesses to reach wider audiences.

All of our social medial marketing services are bespoke and unique to each client’s business.

We always conduct competitor research and analysis, learn what’s currently trending in your sector and work to understand the industry in which you operate, write relevant and creative content and promote this across the major social media platforms to encourage engagement with your accounts and website to boost your online presence.

We provide regular analytical reports back to our clients to demonstrate campaign results.

Our services include:

Consultancy – we are specialists in digital marketing and create innovative campaign ideas and provide expert advice on what methods of social media advertising will obtain the best results for your business.

Social Media Management – we use our expert knowledge of social media platforms and tried and tested campaign methods to fully manage our clients’ social media accounts to grow online presence and attract more customers.

Advertising – we place powerful adverts on social media platforms to promote our clients’ brands and grow their customer base. Image and video adverts are highly effective methods of attracting new customers.

Targeted marketing – we create bespoke social media marketing campaigns that reach specific customer groups according to criteria such as demographics and interests.

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